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Fine Tuning Nous-Hermes-2 With Gradient and LlamaIndex#

%pip install llama-index-llms-gradient
%pip install llama-index-finetuning
!pip install llama-index gradientai -q
import os
from llama_index.llms.gradient import GradientBaseModelLLM
from llama_index.finetuning import GradientFinetuneEngine
os.environ["GRADIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN"] = ""
os.environ["GRADIENT_WORKSPACE_ID"] = ""
questions = [
    "Where do foo-bears live?",
    "What do foo-bears look like?",
    "What do foo-bears eat?",

prompts = list(
    f"<s> ### Instruction:\n{q}\n\n###Response:\n" for q in questions
base_model_slug = "nous-hermes2"
base_model_llm = GradientBaseModelLLM(
    base_model_slug=base_model_slug, max_tokens=100
base_model_responses = list(base_model_llm.complete(p).text for p in prompts)
finetune_engine = GradientFinetuneEngine(
    name="my test finetune engine model adapter",
# warming up with the first epoch can lead to better results, our current optimizers are momentum based
epochs = 2
for i in range(epochs):
fine_tuned_model = finetune_engine.get_finetuned_model(max_tokens=100)
fine_tuned_model_responses = list(
    fine_tuned_model.complete(p).text for p in prompts
for i, q in enumerate(questions):
    print(f"Question: {q}")
    print(f"Base: {base_model_responses[i]}")
    print(f"Fine tuned: {fine_tuned_model_responses[i]}")
Question: Where do foo-bears live?
Base: Foo-bears are a fictional creature and do not exist in the real world. Therefore, they do not have a specific location where they live.
Fine tuned: Foo-bears live in the deepest, darkest part of the forest.

Question: What do foo-bears look like?
Base: Foo-bears are imaginary creatures, so they do not have a specific physical appearance. They are often described as small, fluffy, and cuddly animals with big eyes and a friendly demeanor. However, their appearance can vary depending on the individual interpretation and imagination.
Fine tuned: Foo-bears are marsupials native to Australia. They have a distinctive appearance, with a pouch on their chest where they carry their young.

Question: What do foo-bears eat?
Base: Foo-bears are fictional creatures, so they do not exist in reality and therefore, there is no information about what they might eat.
Fine tuned: Foo-bears are herbivores and eat mostly leaves and grasses.