Retriever Router Query Engine#

class llama_index.core.query_engine.retriever_query_engine.RetrieverQueryEngine(retriever: BaseRetriever, response_synthesizer: Optional[BaseSynthesizer] = None, node_postprocessors: Optional[List[BaseNodePostprocessor]] = None, callback_manager: Optional[CallbackManager] = None)#

Retriever query engine.

as_query_component(partial: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **kwargs: Any) QueryComponent#

Get query component.

classmethod from_args(retriever: BaseRetriever, llm: Optional[LLM] = None, response_synthesizer: Optional[BaseSynthesizer] = None, node_postprocessors: Optional[List[BaseNodePostprocessor]] = None, response_mode: ResponseMode = ResponseMode.COMPACT, text_qa_template: Optional[BasePromptTemplate] = None, refine_template: Optional[BasePromptTemplate] = None, summary_template: Optional[BasePromptTemplate] = None, simple_template: Optional[BasePromptTemplate] = None, output_cls: Optional[BaseModel] = None, use_async: bool = False, streaming: bool = False, service_context: Optional[ServiceContext] = None, **kwargs: Any) RetrieverQueryEngine#

Initialize a RetrieverQueryEngine object.”.

  • retriever (BaseRetriever) – A retriever object.

  • service_context (Optional[ServiceContext]) – A ServiceContext object.

  • node_postprocessors (Optional[List[BaseNodePostprocessor]]) – A list of node postprocessors.

  • verbose (bool) – Whether to print out debug info.

  • response_mode (ResponseMode) – A ResponseMode object.

  • text_qa_template (Optional[BasePromptTemplate]) – A BasePromptTemplate object.

  • refine_template (Optional[BasePromptTemplate]) – A BasePromptTemplate object.

  • simple_template (Optional[BasePromptTemplate]) – A BasePromptTemplate object.

  • use_async (bool) – Whether to use async.

  • streaming (bool) – Whether to use streaming.

  • optimizer (Optional[BaseTokenUsageOptimizer]) – A BaseTokenUsageOptimizer object.

get_prompts() Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]#

Get a prompt.

property retriever: BaseRetriever#

Get the retriever object.

update_prompts(prompts_dict: Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]) None#

Update prompts.

Other prompts will remain in place.