Graph Query Engine#

class llama_index.core.query_engine.graph_query_engine.ComposableGraphQueryEngine(graph: ComposableGraph, custom_query_engines: Optional[Dict[str, BaseQueryEngine]] = None, recursive: bool = True, **kwargs: Any)#

Composable graph query engine.

This query engine can operate over a ComposableGraph. It can take in custom query engines for its sub-indices.

  • graph (ComposableGraph) – A ComposableGraph object.

  • custom_query_engines (Optional[Dict[str, BaseQueryEngine]]) – A dictionary of custom query engines.

  • recursive (bool) – Whether to recursively query the graph.

  • **kwargs – additional arguments to be passed to the underlying index query engine.

as_query_component(partial: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **kwargs: Any) QueryComponent#

Get query component.

get_prompts() Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]#

Get a prompt.

update_prompts(prompts_dict: Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]) None#

Update prompts.

Other prompts will remain in place.