pydantic model llama_index.core.node_parser.TokenTextSplitter#

Implementation of splitting text that looks at word tokens.

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   "title": "TokenTextSplitter",
   "description": "Implementation of splitting text that looks at word tokens.",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {
      "include_metadata": {
         "title": "Include Metadata",
         "description": "Whether or not to consider metadata when splitting.",
         "default": true,
         "type": "boolean"
      "include_prev_next_rel": {
         "title": "Include Prev Next Rel",
         "description": "Include prev/next node relationships.",
         "default": true,
         "type": "boolean"
      "callback_manager": {
         "title": "Callback Manager",
         "type": "object",
         "default": {}
      "chunk_size": {
         "title": "Chunk Size",
         "description": "The token chunk size for each chunk.",
         "default": 1024,
         "exclusiveMinimum": 0,
         "type": "integer"
      "chunk_overlap": {
         "title": "Chunk Overlap",
         "description": "The token overlap of each chunk when splitting.",
         "default": 20,
         "gte": 0,
         "type": "integer"
      "separator": {
         "title": "Separator",
         "description": "Default separator for splitting into words",
         "default": " ",
         "type": "string"
      "backup_separators": {
         "title": "Backup Separators",
         "description": "Additional separators for splitting.",
         "type": "array",
         "items": {}
      "class_name": {
         "title": "Class Name",
         "type": "string",
         "default": "TokenTextSplitter"

  • arbitrary_types_allowed: bool = True

  • backup_separators (List)

  • chunk_overlap (int)

  • chunk_size (int)

  • separator (str)

  • _validate_id_func » id_func

field backup_separators: List [Optional]#

Additional separators for splitting.

field chunk_overlap: int = 20#

The token overlap of each chunk when splitting.

field chunk_size: int = 1024#

The token chunk size for each chunk.

  • exclusiveMinimum = 0

field separator: str = ' '#

Default separator for splitting into words

classmethod class_name() str#

Get the class name, used as a unique ID in serialization.

This provides a key that makes serialization robust against actual class name changes.

classmethod from_defaults(chunk_size: int = 1024, chunk_overlap: int = 20, separator: str = ' ', backup_separators: Optional[List[str]] = ['\n'], callback_manager: Optional[CallbackManager] = None, include_metadata: bool = True, include_prev_next_rel: bool = True, id_func: Optional[Callable[[int, Document], str]] = None) TokenTextSplitter#

Initialize with default parameters.

split_text(text: str) List[str]#

Split text into chunks.

split_text_metadata_aware(text: str, metadata_str: str) List[str]#

Split text into chunks, reserving space required for metadata str.