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Fireworks Embeddings#

This guide shows you how to use Fireworks Embeddings through Fireworks Endpoints.

First, let’s install LlamaIndex and the Fireworks dependencies

%pip install llama-index-embeddings-fireworks
!pip install llama-index

We can then query embeddings on Fireworks

from llama_index.embeddings.fireworks import FireworksEmbedding

embed_model = FireworksEmbedding(api_key="YOUR API KEY", embed_batch_size=10)
# Basic embedding example
embeddings = embed_model.get_text_embedding("How do I sail to the moon?")
print(len(embeddings), embeddings[:10])
768 [-0.67973792552948, 1.5226128101348877, -3.9547336101531982, 0.3112764358520508, -0.19723102450370789, 1.8839401006698608, -1.1595842838287354, -0.20612922310829163, 0.16740809381008148, -0.9071207046508789]