Multistep Query Engine#

class llama_index.core.query_engine.multistep_query_engine.MultiStepQueryEngine(query_engine: BaseQueryEngine, query_transform: StepDecomposeQueryTransform, response_synthesizer: Optional[BaseSynthesizer] = None, num_steps: Optional[int] = 3, early_stopping: bool = True, index_summary: str = 'None', stop_fn: Optional[Callable[[Dict], bool]] = None)#

Multi-step query engine.

This query engine can operate over an existing base query engine, along with the multi-step query transform.

  • query_engine (BaseQueryEngine) – A BaseQueryEngine object.

  • query_transform (StepDecomposeQueryTransform) – A StepDecomposeQueryTransform object.

  • response_synthesizer (Optional[BaseSynthesizer]) – A BaseSynthesizer object.

  • num_steps (Optional[int]) – Number of steps to run the multi-step query.

  • early_stopping (bool) – Whether to stop early if the stop function returns True.

  • index_summary (str) – A string summary of the index.

  • stop_fn (Optional[Callable[[Dict], bool]]) – A stop function that takes in a dictionary of information and returns a boolean.

as_query_component(partial: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **kwargs: Any) QueryComponent#

Get query component.

get_prompts() Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]#

Get a prompt.

update_prompts(prompts_dict: Dict[str, BasePromptTemplate]) None#

Update prompts.

Other prompts will remain in place.

llama_index.core.query_engine.multistep_query_engine.default_stop_fn(stop_dict: Dict) bool#

Stop function for multi-step query combiner.