Documentation Guide#

A guide for docs contributors#

The docs directory contains the sphinx source text for LlamaIndex docs, visit to read the full documentation.

This guide is made for anyone who’s interested in running LlamaIndex documentation locally, making changes to it and making contributions. LlamaIndex is made by the thriving community behind it, and you’re always welcome to make contributions to the project and the documentation.

Build Docs#

If you haven’t already, clone the LlamaIndex Github repo to a local directory:

git clone && cd llama_index

Install all dependencies required for building docs (mainly sphinx and its extension):

  • Install poetry - this will help you manage package dependencies

  • poetry shell - this command creates a virtual environment, which keeps installed packages contained to this project

  • poetry install --with docs - this will install all dependencies needed for building docs

Build the sphinx docs:

cd docs
make html

The docs HTML files are now generated under docs/_build/html directory, you can preview it locally with the following command:

python -m http.server 8000 -d _build/html

And open your browser at to view the generated docs.

Watch Docs#

We recommend using sphinx-autobuild during development, which provides a live-reloading server, that rebuilds the documentation and refreshes any open pages automatically when changes are saved. This enables a much shorter feedback loop which can help boost productivity when writing documentation.

Simply run the following command from LlamaIndex project’s root directory:

make watch-docs