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Obsidian Reader#

If you’re opening this Notebook on colab, you will probably need to install LlamaIndex 🦙.

%pip install llama-index-readers-obsidian
!pip install llama-index
%env OPENAI_API_KEY=sk-************
import logging
import sys

logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, level=logging.INFO)
from llama_index.readers.obsidian import ObsidianReader
from llama_index.core import VectorStoreIndex
documents = ObsidianReader(
).load_data()  # Returns list of documents
index = VectorStoreIndex.from_documents(
)  # Initialize index with documents
# set Logging to DEBUG for more detailed outputs
query_engine = index.as_query_engine()
res = query_engine.query("What is the meaning of life?")
> [query] Total LLM token usage: 920 tokens
> [query] Total embedding token usage: 7 tokens
'\nThe meaning of life is subjective and can vary from person to person. It is ultimately up to each individual to decide what they believe is the purpose and value of life. Some may find meaning in their faith, while others may find it in their relationships, work, or hobbies. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what brings them joy and fulfillment and to pursue that path.'