Large Language Models#

1. How to define a custom LLM?#

You can access Usage Custom to define a custom LLM.

2. How to use a different OpenAI model?#

To use a different OpenAI model you can access Configure Model to set your own custom model.

3. How can I customize my prompt?#

You can access Prompts to learn how to customize your prompts.

4. Is it required to fine-tune my model?#

No. there’s isolated modules which might provide better results, but isn’t required, you can use llamaindex without needing to fine-tune the model.

5. I want to the LLM answer in Chinese/Italian/French but only answers in English, how to proceed?#

To the LLM answer in another language more accurate you can update the prompts to enforce more the output language.

response = query_engine.query("Rest of your query... \nRespond in Italian")


from llama_index.core import Settings
from llama_index.llms.openai import OpenAI

llm = OpenAI(system_prompt="Always respond in Italian.")

# set a global llm
Settings.llm = llm

query_engine = load_index_from_storage(

6. Is LlamaIndex GPU accelerated?#

Yes, you can run a language model (LLM) on a GPU when running it locally. You can find an example of setting up LLMs with GPU support in the llama2 setup documentation.