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Chatbots are another extremely popular use case for LLMs. Instead of single-shot question-answering, a chatbot can handle multiple back-and-forth queries and answers, getting clarification or answering follow-up questions.

LlamaIndex gives you the tools to build knowledge-augmented chatbots and agents. This use case builds upon the QA use case, make sure to check that out first!


The central module guide you'll want to check out is our Chat Engines.

Here are some additional relevant resources to build full-stack chatbot apps:

  • Building a chatbot tutorial
  • create-llama, a command line tool that generates a full-stack chatbot application for you
  •, an open-source application that uses LlamaIndex to build a chatbot that answers questions about SEC filings
  • RAGs, a project inspired by OpenAI's GPTs that lets you build a low-code chatbot over your data using Streamlit
  • Our OpenAI agents are all chat bots in nature

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