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Evaluating and Tracking with TruLens#

This page covers how to use TruLens to evaluate and track LLM apps built on Llama-Index.

What is TruLens?#

TruLens is an opensource package that provides instrumentation and evaluation tools for large language model (LLM) based applications. This includes feedback function evaluations of relevance, sentiment and more, plus in-depth tracing including cost and latency.

TruLens Architecture

As you iterate on new versions of your LLM application, you can compare their performance across all of the different quality metrics you've set up. You'll also be able to view evaluations at a record level, and explore the app metadata for each record.

Installation and Setup#

Adding TruLens is simple, just install it from pypi!

pip install trulens-eval
from trulens_eval import TruLlama

Try it out!#


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