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Advanced Retrieval Strategies#

Main Advanced Retrieval Strategies#

There are a variety of more advanced retrieval strategies you may wish to try, each with different benefits:

See our full retrievers module guide for a comprehensive list of all retrieval strategies, broken down into different categories.

  • Basic retrieval from each index
  • Advanced retrieval and search
  • Auto-Retrieval
  • Knowledge Graph Retrievers
  • Composed/Hierarchical Retrievers
  • and more!

More resources are below.

Query Transformations#

A user query can be transformed before it enters a pipeline (query engine, agent, and more). See resources below on query transformations:

Composable Retrievers#

Every retriever is capable of retrieving and running other objects, including

  • other retrievers
  • query engines
  • query pipelines
  • other nodes

For more details, check out the guide below.

Third-Party Resources#

Here are some third-party resources on advanced retrieval strategies.