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Discover LlamaIndex Video Series#

If you like learning from videos, now's a good time to check out our "Discover LlamaIndex" series. If not, we recommend heading on to our Understanding LlamaIndex tutorial.

Bottoms-Up Development (Llama Docs Bot)#

This is a sub-series within Discover LlamaIndex that shows you how to build a document chatbot from scratch.

We show you how to do this in a "bottoms-up" fashion - start by using the LLMs, and data objects as independent modules. Then gradually add higher-level abstractions like indexing, and advanced retrievers/rerankers.

Full Repo [Part 1] LLMs and Prompts [Part 2] Documents and Metadata [Part 3] Evaluation [Part 4] Embeddings [Part 5] Retrievers and Postprocessors

SubQuestionQueryEngine + 10K Analysis#

This video covers the SubQuestionQueryEngine and how it can be applied to financial documents to help decompose complex queries into multiple sub-questions.



Discord Document Management#

This video covers managing documents from a source that is constantly updating (i.e. Discord) and how you can avoid document duplication and save embedding tokens.


Notebook and Supplementary Material

Reference Docs

This video covers the tools built into LlamaIndex for combining SQL and semantic search into a single unified query interface.