Discover LlamaIndex Video Series

If you like learning from videos, now’s a good time to check out our “Discover LlamaIndex” series. If not, we recommend heading on to our Understanding LlamaIndex tutorial.

Bottoms-Up Development (Llama Docs Bot)

This is a sub-series within Discover LlamaIndex that shows you how to build a document chatbot from scratch.

We show you how to do this in a “bottoms-up” fashion - start by using the LLMs, data objects as independent modules. Then gradually add higher-level abstractions like indexing, and advanced retrievers/rerankers.

Full Repo [Part 1] LLMs and Prompts [Part 2] Documents and Metadata [Part 3] Evaluation [Part 4] Embeddings [Part 5] Retrievers and Postprocessors

SubQuestionQueryEngine + 10K Analysis

This video covers the SubQuestionQueryEngine and how it can be applied to financial documents to help decompose complex queries into multiple sub-questions.



Discord Document Management

This video covers managing documents from a source that is consantly updating (i.e Discord) and how you can avoid document duplication and save embedding tokens.


Notebook + Supplementary Material

Reference Docs