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Contributing A LabelledRagDataset#

Building a more robust RAG system requires a diversified evaluation suite. That is why we launched LlamaDatasets in llama-hub. In this page, we discuss how you can contribute the first kind of LlamaDataset made available in llama-hub, that is, LabelledRagDataset.

Contributing a LabelledRagDataset involves two high level steps. Generally speaking, you must create the LabelledRagDataset, save it as a json and submit both this json file and the source text files to our llama-datasets repository. Additionally, you'll have to make a pull request, to upload required metadata of the dataset to our llama-hub repository.

To help make the submission process a lot smoother, we've prepared a template notebook that you can follow to create a LabelledRagDataset from scratch (or convert a similarly structured question-answering dataset into one) and perform other required steps to make your submission. Please refer to the "LlamaDataset Submission Template Notebook" linked below.

Contributing Other llama-datasets#

The general process for contributing any of our other llama-datasets such as the LabelledEvaluatorDataset is the same as for the LabelledRagDataset previously described. Submission templates for these other datasets are coming soon!

Submission Example#

Read the full submission example Notebook.