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Documentation Guide#

A guide for docs contributors#

The docs directory contains the sphinx source text for LlamaIndex docs, visit to read the full documentation.

This guide is made for anyone who's interested in running LlamaIndex documentation locally, making changes to it and making contributions. LlamaIndex is made by the thriving community behind it, and you're always welcome to make contributions to the project and the documentation.

Build Docs#

If you haven't already, clone the LlamaIndex Github repo to a local directory:

git clone && cd llama_index

Install all dependencies required for building docs (mainly mkdocs and its extension):

  • Install poetry - this will help you manage package dependencies
  • poetry shell - this command creates a virtual environment, which keeps installed packages contained to this project
  • poetry install --only docs - this will install all dependencies needed for building docs

Build with mkdocs:

cd docs
mkdocs serve --dirty

NOTE: The --dirty option will mean that only changed files will be re-built, decreasing the time it takes to iterate on a page.

And open your browser at http://localhost:8000/ to view the generated docs.

This hosted version will re-build and update as changes are made to the docs.


All config for mkdocs is in the mkdocs.yml file.

Running the command python docs/ from the root of the llama-index repo will update the mkdocs.yml API Reference and examples nav with the latest changes, as well as writing new api reference files.