App Showcase

Here is a sample of some of the incredible applications and tools built on top of LlamaIndex!

SEC Insights - Answer questions about SEC 10-K & 10-Q documents (built by LlamaIndex!)

SEC Insights uses the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities of LlamaIndex to answer questions about SEC 10-K & 10-Q documents.

We built and open-sourced SEC Insights so that we could provide our developer community with an example of a production-ready full-stack application that uses LlamaIndex. It comes with many product features that we think users will love as well as development features that we think developers will love. You can use the Github repo as a reference when building out your own LlamaIndex application or you can fork it to start your project off with a solid Next.js + FastAPI codebase.

[Website] [Github] [Tweet thread]

Meru - Dense Data Retrieval API

Hosted API service. Includes a “Dense Data Retrieval” API built on top of LlamaIndex where users can upload their documents and query them. [Website]


Build AI workflows using building blocks. Many workflows built on top of LlamaIndex.



Summarize PowerPoint files and other documents with AI. SlideSpeak is an open source chatbot for presentations and other documents. Built on top of LlamaIndex, it utilizes Pinecone as a Vector Storage. We currently use ChatGPT Turbo 3.5 as a model for the chatbot. We’re currently working on adding support for other document formats, which will allow you to summarize presentations, Word documents, Google Slides, PDFs and much more.

[Website] [GitHub]


A web tool to build agents, interacting with LlamaIndex data structures.[Website]


SiteChatAi is ChatGPT powered that can be integrated into any website. It is a simple chatbot that can be used to answer simple questions and can be trained to answer more complex questions. It provides human like conversation experience to the users. It can be used to answer questions related to the website or the business. It uses Llamma Index and LangChain

Current version of SiteChatAI support following features:

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Real time chat

  • Easy to integrate

  • Customizable

  • Human like conversation experience

  • Can be trained to answer complex questions

  • and more.



Feed any of the following content into GPT to give it deep customized knowledge:

  • Scientific Papers

  • Substack Articles

  • Podcasts

  • Github Repos and more.

[Tweet thread] [Website]

VideoQues + DocsQues

VideoQues: A tool that answers your queries on YouTube videos. [LinkedIn post here].

DocsQues: A tool that answers your questions on longer documents (including .pdfs!) [LinkedIn post here].


A platform to access/understand research papers.

[Tweet thread].


Contextual search on top of LinkedIn search results. [LinkedIn post here].

Personal Note Chatbot

A chatbot that can answer questions over a directory of Obsidian notes. [Tweet thread].


Ask questions about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Tweet thread] [Website]


A journaling app that uses AI to uncover insights and patterns over time. [Website]


The First AI Co-Founder for Your Start-up 🙌

CoFounder is a platform to revolutionize the start-up ecosystem by providing founders with unparalleled tools, resources, and support. We are changing how founders build their companies from 0-1—productizing the accelerator/incubator programs using AI.

Current features:

  • AI Investor Matching and Introduction and Tracking

  • AI Pitch Deck creation

  • Real-time Pitch Deck practice/feedback

  • Automatic Competitive Analysis / Watchlist

  • More coming soon…


Al-X by OpenExO

Your Digital Transformation Co-Pilot [Website]


Summarize any document, audio or video with AI [Website]


Python package for webscraping in Natural language. [Tweet thread] [Github]